Monday, October 21

Tuesday, October 22

  • Email from Julie Vignoul: Hello South Staff, If you have students who want to access StudentVUE on a mobile device, they can download the app for free and should use: when prompted by the app for the connection address. Please note the secure https... They can choose to save their user name & password on the login page. If there are any issues, send them to the library for help. Cheers,Julie

  • vocab warm-up: Vocab test on Friday, October 25!

    • Which four words are hardest for you to spell?

    • Write each of them five times (correctly!) on a small piece of paper

  • Socratic Seminar

    • Step 1 - On a regular piece of notebook paper write four good questions

      • One about dreams (of any kind) in Of Mice and Men

      • One about loneliness in the novel

      • One about an issue related to literary criticism

      • One of your choice

    • Step 2 - Make a heading below the questions: "Textual Evidence Cited"

      • Make three spaces to put in page numbers during conversation

    • Step 3 - Leave a space for notes

    • Step 4 - Leave a space for Your Response to today's activity

Wednesday, October 23

  • Vocab quiz changed to Friday, October 25

  • Vocab warm-up:

    • Quiz someone near you on the trickiest bits in the vocab

  • How was the smaller-circled discussion?

  • Movie-making

    • how do you get the idea across?

    • what tools are available?

  • watch some movie!

Thursday, October 24

  • vocab quiz tomorrow!

  • finish movie

Friday, October 25

  • vocab quiz - Latin Roots I

    • be sure to mark your scantron with a π or ∆