Monday, October 28

  • vocab warm-up: Latin Roots II

  • TORT (TORS): twist

    1. torture – 1. n. – anguish of mind or body; 2. v. – to cause anguish of mind or body; to twist or wrench

    2. torturous, adj. – causing torture, painfully slow or difficult

    3. torque – 1. n. – the force used to cause something to rotate(Also a noun meaning a twisted band of precious metal worn by ancient Gauls and Britons); 2. v. – to rotate or twist

    4. tortuous, adj. – twisty, windy, and difficult; not straightforward.

    • draw a captioned picture using these words, paying special attention to tortuous vs. torturous

  • midterm grades - there may be problems!

  • Scarlet Letter test back

  • Scarlet Letter comments on essays

  • Scarlet Letter essay back

  • back to literary criticism: Perspectives on Nursery Rhymes

Tuesday, October 29

  • vocab warm-up:

    • 5. contortionist, n. – person who can twist his or her body into odd postures.

    • 6. retort – 1. v. - reply quickly or sharply in kind(to “twist back “); 2. n. – a witty, cutting reply.

      VICT (VINC): conquer, show conclusively

    • 7. convict - 1. v. – prove to be guilty; 2. n. – person serving a prison sentence.

    • 8. evict, v. – to expel by a legal process; to oust

  • In terms of cultural, possibly literary, criticism, what is a text?

  • What was the intention of the author or artist?

    • Does that matter?

      • Scarlet Letter

      • Of Mice and Men

  • Practice criticism!

    • Look at different texts

    • discuss with group

    • fill out chart

      • use critical approaches that apply to that text

      • every lens may not apply to every text

Wednesday, October 30

  • lit crit continuation

  • Do green sheet on Of Mice and Men

  • finish buff colored sheet from yesterday

Thursday, October 31

  • Of Mice & Men in class writing

Friday, November 1

  • vocab warm-up

    • 9. evince, v. – show clearly; disclose

    • 10. invincible, adj. – incapable of being conquered

    • 11. vanquish, v. – to over come in battle; to conquer

    • FRACT (FRAG): break

    • 12. fraction, n. – part of a whole

  • Using these words, draw a captioned picture describing Halloween.

  • Pull out your literary criticism notes - which ideas are the most interesting?

    • Share the best ideas by writing them on the posters around the room.

  • When you're done, tour the posters.

  • What do you see that you hadn't considered?

  • Which lenses seem most useful to you?

  • Creative Writing Time! Due Tuesday, November 5

    • No English Class on Monday, November 4. English Dept. Project Day

  • The Things We Didn’t Get to Explore – be creative!
    Use the rest of the class to write creatively on one of these topics:
    • Curley’s Wife’s journal – What would she say about her life that we don’t know from the book?
    • What does George carry in his bedroll? Are there aspects of his life we don’t know anything about?
    • One month after the end of Of Mice and Men, what does Slim (or another character) have to say about it all?
    • Write the story of Crooks and Candy deciding to pursue the dream farm.
    • Write a different version of the very general outline of this book: one very slow person being watched over by one smart person, with a lot of different people around them. It could be in a high school, in a combat situation, at a beauty pageant,, or anywhere else you can imagine. What could happen?