The 18-year-old who pulled the driver out of a truck hanging off a cliff

Peter Hanne was in his New Zealand home late one night in 2008 when a panicked knock came at the door. A passerby said a truck was on the brink of falling into the Waioeka Gorge, a riverway just a few hundred yards from Hanne's house. The 18-year-old didn't even think to grab his shoes; he just just told his family to call the cops and rushed to the scene himself.
He found the 23-ton truck had jackknifed over the side of the road and was teetering on the edge, with the cab — and the driver inside — dangling underneath it. "I knew the normal thing to do was call the fire brigade and wait, but I heard it creaking and I knew we needed to get him out pretty quick," Hanne said. The young man climbed down the steep bank and into the space between the trailer and the cab. He broke the rear window with a wheel brace and helped the injured driver climb out.
Hanne's bold rescue left even the police in awe. "We're always complaining about our young people... but here is one young man who has really laid his life on the line for another. He is a real hero," the police constable said.
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Based on the description here of what Peter Hanne did, do you think it was a good idea? What could have happened? Do you think you would make the same decision?
Use the back of this sheet to write a paragraph about this situation.

Topic Sentence: State whether or not you think his actions were a good idea.

What could have gone wrong with this situation?

Who might have objected to what Peter Hanne did?

Who was glad he did what he did?

What would you do and why?