Intensive Writing #3 Name
25 points Period

Read the Instructions!!!!
  • Here's your third writing opportunity! You’re getting better at this!
  • You will turn in a reduced outline, followed by a short essay. Spend 10 – 15 minutes planning.
  • 5 points - Write a reduced outline at the top of the page, followed by your essay. Your restricted outline will include :
    • (Copy this bullet point format onto your paper)
      • Thesis
      • 1st argument in support of thesis
        • at least one example to support this argument
      • 2nd argument in support of thesis
        • at least one example to support this argument
  • 10 points – Write an essay based on one of the topics you'll find on the back of this page.
    • Choose a topic on the back of this sheet. Narrow the topic to a small part of the big idea
    • You will not have time to write a rough draft, but you do have time to plan your examples and what order to put them in to be most effective. It is a good idea to use at least 10 minutes to plan! Don't start the essay until you know what you're going to say!
  • Write an informal essay which includes the following:
    • an introduction – a clear thesis is sufficient for your introduction
    • Arguments and explanations to support your thesis
      • from your life
      • from literature
      • from what you know of the world around you
    • a concluding paragraph
      • return to your thesis
      • ideally, expand on your thesis beyond the scope of the essay, if you have time
    • This is an informal essay. You may use I, me, etc. However, these should be related to your personal examples. Your writing should be strong. Leave out “In my opinion,” “I think that,” and other similar weak phrases. The whole essay is your opinion. Write boldly!
  • Try to write at least four paragraphs (intro, two body, conclusion).
  • Print out and turn in what you've written at the end of class. It's okay if the essay isn't quite finished; just turn in what you've done.
“What's Left When You're Right” podcast
  • Golden Balls game show from RadioLab podcast – Season 12, Episode 6
Choose one of the following topics for this essay:
  • How would you react if you were on this game show? Why? Would you choose the “Split” ball or the “Steal” ball? Would you tell the other person the truth? How would you react when both balls are revealed?
    • Start with a thesis statement that sums up your feelings on the whole about this situation. Then explain how you think you would behave in this situation under a variety of outcomes and why you would behave that way.
    • Does this game show tell the audience about the contestants’ moral worth?
      • Why? Why not?

  • Should we worry about how our actions affect others? Are we always supposed to be working for the benefit of others? Some others? All others? Some times, but not others?

  • Altruism is the selfless concern for the well-being of others. Is altruism a part of this game? Is it a part of our lives? Are we all altruistic to some degree? Are none of us?

  • What difference does it make in the game that the contestants talk to each other?

  • Should we act to benefit ourselves? Would society be better if (within some parameters) people focused on making their own lives better?