Monday, January 22

  • Keep on writing!

  • New helpful sheet

    • on introducing a source into the body of the essay

  • For tomorrow:

    • Have a rough draft of the whole essay

    • If some paragraphs aren't ready

      • put in an outline of what will be in those paragraphs

  • Citing sources:

    • If citing an article from class:

      • Author, "Article Title"

      • just to let the reader know which article you're using

    • Outside article

      • Author, Publication, "Article Title"

      • to give the reader information about your source

      • Nicholas Casey, New York Times, " Venezuela's Most Wanted Rebel"

  • For citing sources beyond those provided in class

    • Go to the SEHS Library page

    • Right hand column of Tools

      • go to Citation Maker

      • choose MLA!

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