Integrity –
  • Having strong moral principles, honest
  • Being whole, undivided
Hypocrisy –
  • Stating one set of beliefs, but living differently (usually less honestly)

  • Lives an honest life
    • Has no alternative
    • Also a life of integrity
      • Does what she feels is right
      • Considers what should change in the world – keeps it to herself, mostly
      • Believes all of society should be torn down and rebuilt
        • So women can live happily, fairly
        • Thinks this at home – not in town
          • At edge of forest
          • For Hawthorne, nature allows us to connect to larger truths
          • This is Hawthorne’s 1850 p.o.v.
          • Puritan society is Hawthorne’s stand-in for all society
            • All societies make rules
            • Puritans made an extreme version

Chillingworth –
  • Pretends to be a good member of society
  • Underneath it all, his focus is on torturing Dimmesdale
  • Hypocritical

Dimmesdale –
  • Lives hypocritically through most of the story
    • Standing on the scaffold mid-story
      • Middle of the night
      • Won’t really confess