Macbeth Name
Study questions Period ___

  1. What does Macbeth mean at III, i, 69-75?

  1. What is he planning to do because of that concern?

  1. What do the murderers do right? What do they do wrong?

  1. What does Macbeth mean at III, iv, 16?

  1. Why can’t Macbeth find a place to sit at the banquet?

  1. What does Lady Macbeth say at III, iv, 70? How does this relate to other comments she has made?

  1. What frustrates Macbeth at III, iv, 94-95?

  1. Draw a picture to explain what Macbeth means at III, iv, 168-170.

  1. What does Lennox’s speech indicate about Macbeth’s thanes at this point in the story?