Character Notes – Of Mice and Men

  • Lennie – Big and dumb, a huge 4-year-old. Sweet, and has no idea how strong he is. Loves to touch soft things. (Rabbits)
  • George – smart guy who takes care of Lennie. They travel taking jobs on ranches. Wants to have little house and a little farm with Lennie.
  • Candy – old swamper. Lonely, only had his old dog, but lost him. Adds himself into George and Lennie’s dream.
  • Slim – important to the ranch, belongs there. Content there.
  • Curley – son of owner, wants to box, hand gets mangled. Fighter. Always looking for his wife.
  • Curley’s Wife – no name! Just his wife. Wants to be an actor. Always looking for Curley. Flirts. Doesn’t belong on a ranch.
  • Crooks – only black man on ranch. Works and lives in the barn. Not allowed into the bunkhouse – racism. Understands more about the world. Says he’s lonely.
  • Carlson – shoots Candy’s dog. Owns a gun. Not very sensitive.
  • Boss – runs things – background character.