OM&M dream notes

Dream and Loneliness notes:
  • Lots of these characters have dreams
  • Lots are lonely
  • What is Steinbeck trying to tell us?

  • Lennie – soft bunnies on the farm with George (he dies)
  • George – get land, his own farm, be own boss, take care of Lennie (dream ends)
  • Candy – starts hopeless, then he joins George & Lennie’s dream, then dream ends
  • Curley – ranch owner’s son, but he wants to box – hand and dream are crushed
  • Curley’s Wife – wanted to act, blamed her mom for not being in the movies, married Curley. Only seen as an attachment for Curley, not her own person – no name. She dies.
  • Crooks – stable family background. Bitter because as the only black man on the ranch he can’t go inside with the other men. Faces prejudice in everything. And he’s crippled. Joins George and Lennie’s dream for a tiny moment. Curley’s Wife comes in, threatens Crooks with lynching (very real), he backs out, away from the dream.