SL MLA in-text citations & pic

MLA in-text citation

Draw the scene at the end of Chapter 10! (bottom of p. 123)
  • 10 points total
Your brilliant Puritan artwork must include:
  • Drawing (5 points)
    • must include what Chillingworth saw
    • Caption (5 points)
      • Correct textual citation explaining what is happening

Textual citation (MLA style)
  1. Whole thing should be one sentence from you the writer.
    1. This sentence includes your lead-in (signal phrase) that lets your reader know why you’re using this passage
    2. This sentence also includes a passage from the book.
    3. The signal phrase is followed by a comma if it is appropriate for that sentence.
    4. "textual passage in quotation marks" - only include final punctuation of the passage if it's a ? or a !
    5. (Page number in parentheses)
    6. Period to end whole citation - counts as the period for the passage, too.

- Example: Hawthorne makes fun of the Puritan view of civilization when a townsman insists to a stranger that watching Hester be publicly humiliated on the scaffold must "gladden your heart . . . in a land where iniquity is searched out, and punished in the sight of rulers and people"(54).

- Shorter example: Hester thinks it’s possible that Chillingworth might kill her in her prison cell when she says, “if death be in this cup, I bid thee think again”(64).