Essay notes!
Introduction –
  • Start with a broad idea that pertains to your claim, or thesis.
  • Include the names of authors addressed in the essay. ( and the title of a book. “Title” of a poem in “”)
  • Finish the intro with your claim/thesis
Body paragraphs
  • Topic sentence – what’s it about?
  • Context – what’s going on in the story?

  • 1st example – MLA style
    • o signal phrase (your words leading in)
    • o passage from the text
    • o page number (just the number) in ()
    • o period

  • 2nd example – same
  • either 3 body paragraphs x 2 examples = 6
    • o Or 2 body para. X 3 = 6
  • Starts with a restatement of the thesis
  • So what? - how does this matter beyond the scope of your thesis?

Voice! – use yours! Be formal, but original
Be concise – Don’t add extra info, or longer quotes than necessary.
Explain each textual citation.
No – I, you, me, in my opinion, I think, etc.