Monday, January 22

  • Keep on writing!

  • Thursday, the 25th, we can submit essays

  • Finish it by tomorrow and there will be time to rework it if it isn't ready yet

    • You turn it in on Tuesday

    • I read it, hand it back to you on Wednesday

    • We submit it on Thursday

Tuesday, January 23

  • Keep writing!

  • If you need a break from writing -

    • Work on an official reading work sample

Wednesday, January 24

  • Essays go downtown tomorrow for the 2nd reading.

    • Get it to me today for a 1st reading!

  • Need a break?

    • Grab a reading work sample for a change

  • One essay needs to be done by Friday

    • grades in grade book then

Thursday, January 25

  • Approved essays go downtown today

  • Keep at it!

    • Next essay day in two weeks

  • This weekend grades go in for Essay #1

    • if you don't turn one in by tomorrow, you'll get a zero

    • Zero goes away when you turn in the essay

Friday, January 26

  • Newspaper Day!

  • Assembly after p. 2.

    • We go to gym first

    • Should be very cool!

    • Gym then auditorium