Scarlet Letter – End of Book Notes

Dimmesdale dies, confessing in public
  • Pearl kisses him
  • Pearl becomes a real person
  • D. tells Hester this is for the best.

Ch. had planned to go with them on the ship. D’s death wrecks his plans.
  • Ch. has nothing to live for; his life has revolved around persecuting D.
  • Dies after shriveling to nothing
  • Ch. leaves everything to Pearl
    • She becomes an heiress

Hester takes Pearl to Europe
  • We find out later that Pearl does well

Hester comes back to Boston
  • Nursing people who need her
  • Gets letter with heraldic seals on them
    • Non-English coat of arms
    • Hester is finally a counselor
      • Helping people, especially with troubles of the heart
      • She understands when people have done something wrong

Symbol of letter A
  • Many meanings, good and bad
  • Angel, able (not angle)
  • Adultery
  • Pearl as the little A
  • Embroidered A that challenges the community

Thesis = topic + opinion
  • Must be arguable

What’s Hawthorne’s point?
Possible thesis topics?
  • Role of women in society
  • Hidden sin vs. confessed sin
  • Dealing with social stigma
  • Effects of revenge or vengeful thinking
  • Individuals finding a way to live in society
  • Are our souls reflected in our outward appearance?
    • Useful for a Romantic writer