Catcher – more symbols

Holden’s life:
  • Past:
    • Brother Allie died
      • Devastating
  • Change is bad
  • Phoebe – totally good
  • Allie – totally good
    • Never grew up
Holden talks to Phoebe
  • He tells her he wants to be the Catcher in the Rye
    • He’s saving kids from falling
Falling & Catcher in the Rye
  • Holden wants to save falling kids
  • James Castle – boy who jumped out the window
  • Mr. Antolini warns Holden about a fall
  • Keep thinking about falling at the end of the book
    • Big Brass Ring at the carousel

Symbols – exist in the story and mean something additional
  • Hunting Hat –
    • Buys after a bad time in NYC
    • Then puts on or adjusts when times are hard
    • Museum of Natural History
      • Good because it never changes
      • Memories of childhood, when life was predictable
      • Ducks in Central Park
        • Winter is coming – change
          • What will they do?
          • Allie’s baseball glove
            • He “happens to have it” in his suitcase
            • Still misses Allie – bad change